Welcome To Launch Point CDC

30 Years Transforming Northeast Houston Communities

Join us in celebrating three decades of positive change. We’re proud to have service the Northeast Houston community since 1993, making a last impact. Together, we’ll continue building brighter future

Launch Point CDC

Launch Pont CDC, INC is a community development, resource and information center since 1993. Equipping youth, adults and families with life building training, skills, jobs, and entrepreneurship.



To bridge the gaps in community-based services for those who are marginalized, overlooked and under-served in Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

As advocates of the communities we serve, we seek to promote autonomy, self-sufficiency, social and personal responsibility and good citizenship among all individuals.

In doing so, we demonstrate uncompromising principles to:

  • Restore respect and dignity to those we serve,
  • Inspire, motivate, enhance and transform the lives of those we serve; and
  • Improve the economic well-being and quality of life of our communities’ citizens.


The Launch Point Model for Social Good.

We’re a new kind of organization: a “social and economic development entity,” guiding promising organizations and small businesses with the step by step road map to success. But unlike many organizations, our efforts are aimed at social and common good for all.

We provide proven success models for social good that work for Non-Profits, Small Businesses and Faith Based organizations.

We empower leaders for social good to create the positive change they want to see, and we believe the best way to achieve that good is by combining the values, experiences, and resources with proven success strategies for the common good of all.

We encourage our community of businesses and organization to think in terms of investing and re-investing in promising people and businesses for social and economic development.

We believe the use of investing in social good is one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities for advancing positive change in the world.

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